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As advisors we want to bring the highest level of expertise to our clients. We specialize in identifying and resolving complex estate, business transfer, retirement and investment problems. Lincoln Financial Advisors has a long and proud history of helping to meet the needs of business owners, executives, professionals and retirees. By providing a structured approach to financial planning which, by design ensures that we incorporate all of your needs, goals and objectives, in developing a financial plan that suits our clients.

With Sagemark Consulting, our clients receive the best of two worlds: the experience and financial stability of a long-standing financial institution, and the individual service that comes from having a personal financial advisor.

We use this proven defined process to produce a customized financial plan written specifically for the client. The process begins with the planner collecting all of the necessary data about you and your objectives. We then take that data, analyze it and produce a generic plan which has specific findings and recommendations regarding your current situation and what needs to be done for you to help achieve your goals. In addition, we will discuss the solutions that can be used to implement your plan.

Our planning process revolves around you and your family's vision and philosophy. We begin by identifying your needs and objectives. We then analyze and evaluate the particulars of your current financial situation. Finally, we provide you with the comprehensive advice you need to help you make the informed decisions that can secure your present and compose a legacy for the future. 

The initial stages of our process may last two to eight months, depending on the complexity of your personal situation, but many clients appreciate the value we add and continue our partnership with their families for generations. Below further details the composition of our process in which we Evaluate, Explore, Execute and continue to Evolve:


Step 1: Review Current Strategies

We discuss opportunities you may have missed due to years of non-integrated advice. This initial exchange of information offers insight into how our work is substantially different from your current plan.

Step 2: Qualify Value

You see that our integrated team approach delivers unique estate, business succession, investment planning, and tax reduction strategies. Our relationship begins with the knowledge that there is essential work to be done.


Step 3: Understand Your Situation

We work together to gain a thorough understanding of your family's financial philosophy. Knowing your specific situation and objectives allows us to explore opportunities not previously considered.

Step 4: Assess Opportunities

The foundation of your plan begins to take form. Your personal goals and financial situation are confirmed.


Step 5: Chart Your Course

Sophisticated strategies are outlined in plain English. These strategies are prioritized, and decisions are made.

Step 6: Initiate Action

Without well-orchestrated implementation, even the best plan is not worth the paper it's printed on. Using professional persistence and a team approach, we take your financial plan from concept to reality.


Step 7: Our Partnership Continues... For Generations

We continue to move in your chosen direction. Together, we make necessary adjustments due to changes in your situation, tax laws, and the economy.